TJM & Apple’s iPad

So I finally got an iPad. I’ve been holding out on grabbing an iPad ever since Apple first announced their foray into the tablet scene. And while you’re probably thinking I bit the bullet and shelled out the five hundred dollars on Apple’s incredible new retina-fied ‘New IPad’ (i.e.: the third generation iPad), to make […]

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WWDC 2011: Lion, iOS & iCloud

SOURCE: Engadget Monday, June 6th, Apple is set to announce what is likely to a host of groundbreaking new things at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. While they’re not known to pre-announce the release of a new product or service ahead of time, Apple uncannily confirmed the release of their new brainchild, iCloud. And as expected, […]

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iPhone 4 Pre-order Meltdown

As per usual with an iPhone launch, today’s become a complete clusterf–k trying to attain a pre-order. I started out waking up early (around 8am, central) in hopes of pre-ordering an iPhone from Apple’s website, and becoming part of the crowd. I recently (just yesterday) sold my iPhone 3GS in hopes of offsetting the majority of the […]

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