Apple Report: Jan. 2013

SOURCE: The Verge & Mac Rumors There’s a nice batch of new rumors surrounding Apple and their iOS devices at the start of 2013. Apple dazzled us last October when they announced not only the much anticipated iPad mini, they also dropped a unexpected bomb that day. They released a reboot of the original 9.7 inch iPad, and […]

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Nexus 4: Finally (A Review)

After almost two long months of wanting to get my hands on a Nexus 4, I’ve finally received mine from Google. My interest in Android has been bubbling over for the past few months, and after Google announced its partnership with LG to develop a new Nexus phone I had to take the plunge. Not […]

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The Move Back To Google

As the title hints at, there’s a bit of a change coming to my technological setup. My last post was basically a rant criticizing Apple’s lack of innovation over the past year or so, and the dim future I feel lies ahead of them if they don’t begin picking up the pace. Nevertheless I’m still […]

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Google’s New iOS Repertoire

SOURCE: The Verge A mere few weeks after Apple took a good jab at Google and their very future on iOS, Google finally released two long-awaited apps that users have been clamoring for. Yesterday the search giant’s famed web browser, Chrome hit the App Store alongside the iOS version of the cloud storage service, Drive. […]

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