Shoe Game: Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

It’s taken a while for me to warm up to Nike’s Air Foamposite. After my botched attempt at getting my hands on a pair of the Phoenix Suns-inspired colorway of one of Nike’s most expensive shoes, I definitely had reason to give up hope on the Foamposite game. But not so fast. I’m a few weeks late, but here’s my latest cop.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Shoe: Nike Air Foamposite One Premium “Fighter Jet”

Release: 2/9/2013

MSRP: $235.00

Product Code: 575420-001

Colorway: Black/Hyper Red-Dark Grey-White

On February 9th, two sizable drops were released sending snakeheads to their closest shoe store ready to unload their wallets. Both the Air Jordan 13 in Squadron Blue and the “Fighter Jet” Foamposite dropped that day. While my local spot for kicks had plenty of both pairs, I opted to get the 13’s one of my top picks for 2013, and passed on the Foamposites. In hindsight I wish I’d grabbed the Fighter Jet’s that day instead of opting to wait for the Phoenix version of the shoe.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

The pickings were as slim as you can imagine last weekend for the Electro Purple, “Suns” colorway of the shoe. Most outlets around me either only had a few pairs and sold out instantly, or they rigged the sales with some outrageous raffle. Any way you sliced it, that was a hard shoe to cop. While I’m calling that release a bust, I’ve ended up finding a pair of Fighter Jet’s. And not too far in the near future I’ll probably pick up another colorway of the Foamposite to add to the rotation.

When these were announced I was on the fence. However after a hands-on with the shoe, my impression quickly changed. This is a great shoe, and although it’s color scheme is a bit busy — they’ll stand out in the crowd in just the right way, but not too much.

This is indeed my first pair of Foams. Yes, I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. But either way there are a few good Foamposite colorways releasing this year. I’m still on the lookout for a pair of the Foamposite’s in Bright Crimson which came out last year. Other than that, the Stealth Black and the Phoenix Suns colorways are probably the only others I’d be willing to cop.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

This shoe is a premium version of the Foamposite, and with that comes a ten dollar price hike. These retail at a whopping $235 over regular versions of the shoe. That extra ten bucks gets you a set of two Penny Hardaway dog tags complete with his real name and birth date on them.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

The outer sole is done in that classic clear icy hard rubber-like material, and runs throughout the bottom of the shoe. The sole design is in a moderate red, while the sole’s ‘One Cent’ logo is done in black. The carbon fiber around the arch of the shoe is done in red and gray.

The entire upper, which is made from Nike’s signature Foamposite material is done completely in that urban-esque camouflage pattern that this line of shoes is known for. The inside and tongue of the shore is done in a black mesh.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Hardaway’s One Cent logo on the back, as well as the accents inside the shoe are done in that same red found on the sole pattern.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Aside from the dog tags, this pair includes hints of an actual fighter jet’s design. Both the the upper sides of the shoes include illustrations that resemble warnings you’d see on an actual military aircraft, including “NO STEP” and “DANGER”. The insole and pull tubs also contain military-inspired accents.

Nike Air Foamposite One Premium (Fighter Jet)

Other than the Fighter Jet add-ons to this shoe, the shoe itself is great. I’d heard that Foamposites run small, and the definitely fit tighter. A half-size larger should do you right, but expect your foot to feel molded by the shoe. That’s the concept of the Foam material Nike’s implemented into this line of kicks. They fit like a glove, and look slick as slick as hell in any colorway.

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