Shoe Game: Air Jordan 9 Retro (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

I missed the Bred 11’s, but I was able to grab a pair of the under-hyped Thunder 4’s in mid-December. On Christmas Day I posted about the restock of the all six pair of the Kilroy Retro 9 Pack, and I decided to pick up one last shoe for the year, the Crawfish’s. I’ve already copped a pair of both the Slim Jenkins and the Johnny Kilroy Retro 9’s, my only other picks out of the pack had to have been the Motorboat Jones, and these. I’ve already got plenty of black and red shoes, so I opted to pass on the Motorboat Jones when the restock went live back on the 25th. The other pairs in the pack, the Fontay Montana’s (too much white) and Calvin Bailey’s (weird colorway in my opinion) weren’t to my liking. But here they are…

Air Jordan Retro 9 (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

Shoe: Air Jordan 9 (Retro) “Bentley Ellis”

Release: 10/27/2012

MSRP: $160.00

Product Code: 302370-140

Colorway: White/Dark Cayenne-University Gold

Air Jordan Retro 9 (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

The box’s design is identical to what every other Retro 9 has offered this year, nothing new here. The design of the shoe is also what you’d expect for a Retro 9. One tweak that some may or may not like is the leather tongue. Unlike the Kilroy’s, Slim Jenkins, and a few other 9’s, the tongue is not made of mesh. As I’ve said before this adds a little bit to the quality, I think. These feel a bit different from the Johnny Kilroy’s, and as you can see they look very different as well. The fit feels a little stiffer and snugger in my opinion. This is probably because of that leather tongue. When I first tried them on, it was very reminiscent of the Cool Grey 9’s which I picked up not too long ago. As you might recall, that pair of 9’s also has a leather tongue. I like this colorway. And while I’m not from D.C. or Southern Cal, these look like they will go perfectly with either Redskins or USC gear. I’ve been able to easily pair UNC Tarheel gear with my pair of Slim Jenkins — which contain “University Blue,” quite similar to Carolina Blue.

Air Jordan Retro 9 (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

Air Jordan Retro 9 (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

The sole is in that prominent University Gold, whereas the Jumpman on both bottom and outer of the sole are in Dark Cayenne. The midsole and lace holders are donned in the cayenne color, as is the wrap — which like the Slim Jenkins and other 9’s outside of the Kilroy pack have that glitter effect to them — this pair has that effect as well. The ’23’ aback the shoes is in University Gold, as is the heel strap and inside of the sock liner. The leather upper, leather tongue and laces are all white on this pair, which is okay. I’m not a fan of very light shoes, but this is pair pushes the limits on white on a shoe for me. This is why I said I’d pass on wearing the Fontay’s with a white sole, and are covered in almost all white.

Air Jordan Retro 9 (Bentley Ellis/Crawfish)

Just like every other persona-inspired shoe in the Kilroy pack, this shoe’s tongue is crowned with Jordan’s alter ego’s name ‘Bentley Ellis’. The inside of the tongue and the insole both contain his nickname, ‘Crawfish’.

Next up, I’ll be hitting on the Bred 13’s, and next month, my pick of the year so far drops: the Retro 13’s in Squadron Blue.

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