Shoe Game: Air Jordan 4 Retro (Thunder)

The last Air Jordan of 2012 graced us Saturday. The Thunder 4’s (in Black/White/Tour Yellow) finally dropped after being pushed back from a mid-November release earlier this year. These were part of a ‘quick-strike’ release, so only certain Jordan accounts received these. I was able to grab a pair of 10.5’s from a local account that’s been good luck for me with recent releases.

Air Jordan 4 Retro (Thunder)

What’s interesting about this release is the rarity of its original release which came out in 2006. The Thunder Retro 4’s dropped as an exclusive, online-only pack alongside a related colorway, which was loosely an inverse of the black and yellow colors, the Lightning. Here’s a link to an original post on Nice Kicks of the release of both packs from six years ago. The Lightning pack included the shoes and a matching shirt, while the Thunder pack included a matching jacket. Both packs went for $250 and $500 respectively. The rarity coupled with the $500 price tag of the 2006 colorway pack is what has 2006 pairs going for upwards of $1,000 on eBay as I type. It’s also cause for a little bit of controversy within the sneaker community. Owners and fans of the original colorway from 2006 might obviously look at this release as detrimental to the original release. Nonetheless, this is a good drop in 2012.

Shoe: Air Jordan 4 (Retro)

Release: 12/22/2012

MSRP: $160.00

Product Code: 308497-008

Colorway: Black/White/Tour Yellow

Air Jordan Retro 4 (Thunder)

Here’s the box, standard for earlier Retro’s. From the box to the shoe, this one is a step back in the Air Jordan design and aesthetic. While the 9’s, 12’s and 13’s of Jordan’s prime took on more curvatures and bolder soles, the era of which the 4’s come out of is all but Retro in every sense of the word. The sole features a white Jumpman which clearly defines whose shoe it is, but absent the Jumpman on the sole, the patterns lend this shoe to be mistaken for an original Nike Air derivation. These patterns are noticeable on kicks like the Air Force One and original Air Jordan 1. As you can see, it also sports a visible air pocket, which very few of the Air Jordan’s contain. The 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s all contain air pockets, the 7’s broke that streak, which seemed to notably end the era of true Retro Jordans.

Air Jordan Retro 4 (Thunder)

Air Jordan 4 Retro (Thunder)

Air Jordan 4 Retro (Thunder)

Air Jordan 4 Retro (Thunder)

This release comes just a day after what was definitely the biggest drop of any kicks this year, the Air Jordan Retro 11’s (Bred 11’s) Yesterday’s release, as you could’ve predicted caused a little bit of mayhem at footwear outlets nationwide. But the next major release from the Jordan brand has to be the Retro 5’s, christened, Fire Red’s. They’re slated to drop January 26th, while they are not the first Air Jordans to ring in 2013, they’re sure to have footwear outlets buzzing in late January. There are however a slew of Retro 1’s to be released at the start of the year.

Retro 5 (Fire Red) via Sole Collector
Bred 13’s via Sole Collector & The Closet Collectors (TCC)

After the Fire Red’s release, the next big thing in 2013 is sure to be a re-release of the ‘bred’ colroway of the 13’s, due out in March. I plan on picking up both of these, although I did let the bred 11’s slip through the cracks. The Thunder 4’s will have to do for now.

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