The Move Back To Google

As the title hints at, there’s a bit of a change coming to my technological setup. My last post was basically a rant criticizing Apple’s lack of innovation over the past year or so, and the dim future I feel lies ahead of them if they don’t begin picking up the pace. Nevertheless I’m still an Apple faithful, and even though I plan on not using an iPhone in the foreseeable future. I do plan to continue using iOS on an iPad mini, and above all, I’ll definitely continue using OSX daily.


With my last post, I made it obvious that I’m not really feeling the iPhone 5 as much as I’d hoped I would. For me the excitement is leaving the Apple end of the spectrum, and it’s building somewhere in Google’s neck of the woods. With this change I’m going to undergo, there’s a little bit a business to be handled. It may seem like I’m micromanaging my personal content — and to an extent, I am — but I like for everything to be very organized, and everything has to work seamlessly. Moving from a purely Apple setup to a mixed-bag means there’s some adjusting that needs to take place.

First and foremost, there’s the fact that all of my contacts and calendars are in iCloud. Prior to joining MobileMe a couple years ago, I was using Google for my contacts and calendars. I had recently started using OSX and an iPhone, so I saw reason to make the switch, and once iCloud came along it added a few more convenient features to the mix. Notes and reminders were a great addition to iCloud, however, now that I’ll be adding a non-iOS device to my roster, I can’t use iCloud for contacts, calendars, nor will Reminders and Notes work either. That is, if I’d like access to this stuff on all of my devices.


As I’ve said in a couple of other posts, I’m planning to sell my iPhone and buy a Nexus 4. I will also be buying an iPad mini. In a little bit of preparation for the switch, I’ve moved my contacts and calendars back to Google. For a Reminders-like app replacement, I’m using, and as for my notes app, I’ve moved back to Evernote exclusively. Both of these third-party apps will work on all of my devices. has a Google Chrome app via an ad-on to the browser, and is available for iPad in the App Store as well as Google Play for Android. The same goes for Evernote, which has an OSX app in the Mac App Store.

Bookmarks and tab syncing, which I found to be fairly useful with iCloud I’ve assigned to Google Chrome. I’ve always thought Chrome on OSX was superior to Safari, however, with the most recent update for Safari bundled with Mountain Lion made it a little easier to use the native browser once again. But since Google has had the Chrome browser on iOS, I’ve found myself using it more and more often. Chrome is of course available on Android, and for iPad as well, so my transition with bookmarks and tabs was also pretty seamless. I’m already a Gmail user, so there won’t be any problems there either.

One major hiccup in this transition might be with media. I was once a big media buff when it came to my iPhone. I’d have gigs and gigs of music, audio and video podcasts, and I plenty of pictures on my iPhone. That was when I owned a 32GB iPhone. Now that I’ve been using a 16GB iPhone 5, I’ve gotten myself used to keeping only few playlists, and relying on more active photo backups with iPhoto to compensate for not having as much breathing room for my content. However, the Nexus 4 won’t at all blend with iTunes, but I do plan to use Google’s Music Manager on my Nexus 4. As far as pictures go, I’ll be even a little more active in making sure all my pictures make it to my iMac’s iPhoto library from time to time.

As you probably know, there’s been an archaic situation surrounding the Nexus 4, and how you can [or can’t] go about buying one. Apparently select T-Mobile stores are carrying the Nexus 4 at a horrible ripoff considering the 8GB and 16GB versions are sold by Google for $299 and $349 respectively. T-Mobile is offering them at $199 on two-year contacts, and $499 off contract. However, from Google, it’s all but impossible to actually order one and have it shipped within a few weeks of buying it more or less. At this point in time, I’m still waiting for my Nexus 4. I’ve ordered one for myself, and the day after I ordered mine, I also ordered one for my girlfriend. She’s also an iPhone and iPad user, but used to use Android.

This will be my first time using an Android device as my daily driver. Right now I think that Google is doing a pretty good job with Android. They’ve improved a lot in the OS from what I can tell, and the openness and functionality that Android has always offered coupled with the stability improvements and fluidity of the interface brings Jelly Bean up to par with if not beyond iOS 6.

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