Apple’s 2012 Rebound

SOURCES: Boy Genius Report & MacRumors

It’s been a month and a half since Apple unleashed its spec-bumped iPhone 4[S]. While most of us waited patiently for Tim Cook’s gang to announce a new phone with a complete redesign including a four-inch screen and a curved metal backing, they gave us nothing more than an incremental update to their fourth generation phone, the iPhone 4. In the past week or so, the rumor mill has begun shoveling out new reports of a 2012 lineup of iOS devices that could start rolling out as soon as March. Now of course, a third generation iPad sounds likely to happen in the first quarter of 2012, and with the lack of a reasonable hardware update for the iPhone 4, it’s plausible Apple could release a sixth generation ‘iPhone 5’ early next year.

the most revered iPhone 5 mockup to date.

The most recent rumors, however, may hold more water. They claim a third generation iPad to come in March, and a sixth generation iPhone to follow in the Fall of 2012 — both equipped with 4G LTE capabilities. Other recent reports claim that Apple will indeed also release the iPad 3 on Sprint’s network. Rumors from earlier in 2011 indicated that Apple’s fifth generation iPhone [4S] would have 4G capabilities. It’s apparent, however, that even with all of the handsets (namely those that are Android-powered) welding 4G electronics, Apple will likely continue with their conservative game plan and let 4G networks mature a bit more before they introduce a 4G iPhone.


There has also been a sizable amount talk over Apple officially stepping into the home theater game with an actual television set, prematurely dubbed, ‘Apple TV’. MacRumors’ post outlines analyst, Gene Munster‘s take on what Apple will likely go with an actual Apple TV. First, Apple will probably introduce something that is fully-featured. While they will probably offer iTunes content and more, Apple’s TV should also integrate with cable and satellite providers’ content will little friction like normal sets on the market do today. Most importantly, it will continue to serve users with interoperability with the current Apple ecosystem, including iTunes, AirPlay and embedded iOS device capabilities. Lastly, Apple will supply a “range of sizes” and he thinks pricing will come at about twice what the sizes that other TV makers are offering today.

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