Apple’s iCloud to be Time Capsule-based?

Hours before WWDC kicks off, rumors are beginning to circulate claiming that iCloud will actually be based in users’ homes rather than on Apple’s servers.

SOURCE: MacRumors

It’s no secret that Apple’s Airport (routers) and Time Capsule (router/NAS) devices having suddenly become harder to find in Apple’s retail stores over the past week or so. Usually when Apple products get low on stock it is evident of a product revamp. Recent rumors lean towards a refresh of the Time Capsule routers (which have integrated hard drive storage) that may wield the popular A4 or A5 chips used in Apple’s iPads.

More interestingly, iCloud may actually be a service that is really just a system of syncing across a user’s devices. That is, looking for changes in a user’s library which which would then be mimicked across each of their devices — iPhones, iPods, iPads, and iTunes libraries on computers. This in turn would allow for a user’s entire library to be streamed from their own Time Capsule at home. Thus making in-home streaming even more practical, as opposed to streaming music and content from Apple servers across the country.

iCloud could also open the door for wireless syncing of media between devices and iTunes libraries on PCs and Macs. While Apple has probably wanted to integrate wireless sync for a generation or two now for iPhones and iPod Touch’s, iCloud and a new family of Airport devices might make this a reality.

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