iFrogz Luxe case Review

My take on one of the first obtainable case for the iPhone 4: the iFrogz Luxe case.

I used an Incase Slider (gunmetal) case for my iPhone 3GS from the day I bought it. I thought I might try and hold out for Incase to release a case or two for the iPhone 4… but a day after my iPhone arrived, I had to track down a worthy case. Upon the iPhone 4’s release, there were probably only about eight to ten cases available anywhere, between Best Buy, AT&T stores, and elsewhere online. Until now, Apple’s website (and likely their retail stores as well) has shown no signs of any third party case inventory. Only now has Apple begun revealing case availability via their iPhone ‘Case Program‘, from vendors such as Belkin, Incase, Speck, and others.

The case that I was able to get my hands on, was the iFrogz Luxe. In short: it gets the jobs done, and doesn’t look half bad. The styling of the case is fairly conservative, which I like. I’m not a fan of some of the more radical and busier designs from those like  Speck and Griffin, but as earlier noted, I’m a fan of Incase. And while they have yet to release their iPhone 4 updated version of the ‘Slider’, I’ve made do with this one.

This is a hard case, so the cut-outs seem to have been made very well in contrast to some of the soft, silicone-based cases. This case has openings for everything on the iPhone 4 but the micro-SIM slot. Some cases have overlays for the volume an sleep/wake buttons, but this case keeps those buttons out. This might be a downside for a least two reasons: 1) this leaves more of the iPhone’s casing exposed to potential damage, and 2) the thickness of the case (maybe 2mm) yields the sleep/wake button that much more difficult to press because of depth added from  the case.

The design is fairly simple. There’s two pieces, and a clasping mechanism keeps the two together. As unassuring as that may sound, it keeps a nice, snug fit on the iPhone 4, and doesn’t seem to give in any major ways around the construction of the case. As mentioned before, at its thickest point, the case adds just under 2 millimeters of thickness to the iPhone. With that said, the Luxe case doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone. The iPhone 4 is already much more rectangular than previous generations, and the form of this case adheres fairly closely to the 4’s design.

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