Apple iPhone 4 Unboxing

It’s here! Apple graciously allowed FedEx to begin delivering iPhone 4’s a  day ahead of official release day. These are all images from my iPhone 4 set in my flickr photostream.

Official unboxing of my iPhone 4 32GB.

iPhone 4 packaging

YouTube Unboxing:

Still wrapped in shipping plastic.

The iPhone 4 box.

iPhone 4 box

iPhone 4 sitting in the tray still in the box.

iPhone 4 front cam

Inside the box.

iPhone 4 box contents

Everything out of the box.

iPhone 4 uboxing

iPhone 4 next to an iPod nano 8GB fifth-gen.

iPhone 4 & nano

iPhone 4 after its first sync (next to my nano 8GB).

iPhone & nano

iPhone 4 powered on.

iPhone 4 home screen

The hardware.

The rear-facing camera and LED flash.

Sleep/wake button, headphone jack, silent switch, and volume buttons.

Micro-SIM card slot.

Speaker, dock connector, and loudspeaker.

iPhone 4 Screenshots.

The rest of the shots I’ve taken of my iPhone 4 are in a set in my flickr. This set will be updated as I take more and more photos of my iPhone 4.

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