iPhone 4 Pre-order Meltdown

As per usual with an iPhone launch, today’s become a complete clusterf–k trying to attain a pre-order.

Apple.com Pre-ordering error
from Engadget

I started out waking up early (around 8am, central) in hopes of pre-ordering an iPhone from Apple’s website, and becoming part of the crowd. I recently (just yesterday) sold my iPhone 3GS in hopes of offsetting the majority of the cost of purchasing an iPhone midway through a two-year contract with AT&T.

Long story short, I got a good sale on my 3GS — much more than any of the trade-ins routes, like RadioShack or Gazelle.com — via Craigslist, and was all ready to go through the process of any normal Apple fan of pre-ordering a new iPhone. The 3GS was my first iPhone, and last year I ended up getting mine from Best Buy shortly after the 3GS launch. Today, however, went just as planned (according AT&T). I’m not an AT&T basher, I feel that if any of the other carriers (even Verizon) had to deal with the iPhone’s humongous user base, the much of the same would happen to them and their networks. Probably. But nonetheless, AT&T’s servers were showed no mercy today, and couldn’t hold up. While Apple’s site regained its own volatility after many hours of heavy traffic, order attempts were nearly impossible when trying to attempt to contact AT&T systems for customer info.

I went about thinking I wouldn’t settle for an iPhone 4 from anyone but Apple directly, and I was very persistent in trying their site to complete an order. I was able to “reserve” a black iPhone 4 32GB at the nearest Apple Store for launch day, next Thursday, but only because there was no shipping option available. I refused to try AT&T, or head to a local Best Buy or RadioShack because of their probable lack of supply come June 24th. Around 5pm I was finally able to — after a few more failed process attempts — place and order on the Apple Store to have a chance at receiving an iPhone 4 delivered to my house next Thursday.

White iPhone 4 (engadget)
from Engadget

Oh, and I can’t forget about the fact that the white iPhone 4 isn’t even available for pre-order. Apparently Apple doesn’t have enough of those planned for the 24th, so only the black 16GB and 32GB versions have been available for pre-order today. That solidified my decision after leaning back and forth between choosing which color iPhone 4 I’d get to replace my white 3GS.

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