…about WWDC

I just had to make a post about Apple’s recent WWDC keynote highlighting this year’s mobile device punch from Apple.

from Apple

First of all…I must say, as underwhelming as the feature set may seem [to me], Apple did it again. They’re at the top of every gadget blog and tech site, and it’s all right on time. It doesn’t matter how hard or weak of a punch Apple pulled this June, they’d be all over the news. All the lack of excitement on my part is due largely to Gizmodo’s copping of the “lost” iPhone a few months ago.

Between the dozens of photos taken of that orphaned iPhone 4 from a few months ago and the fact that Apple absolutely had to introduce some obvious new features (think: multitasking, better camera) it’s all right on time. Apple blew the competition all out of the water, without blowing anyone out of the water. It’s not to say i’m not really excited to see them significantly bump the specs and feature set of the iPhone, but it just goes to show, they’ve got a lot of pull in the market, and HTC busy throwing everything possible into their new Evo. God i’d love to see Steve Jobs pitch us a kickstand on the fifth generation iPhone next year.

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